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Culinary's Garden to Table Restaurant Culture

April 23, 2024 by
Cianne Jugdhis

Culinary Tables Restaurant Concept

Dedicated to being sustainable, Culinary Table has built its entire brand on being a sustainable business. This meant developing a garden that caters directly to their restaurant. Today, a product of years worth of research, learning, and testing is what led the restaurant to be as successful as it is today.

The Organic Trend

Consumers are now more than ever concerned about their food quality. Consumers have increasingly become more health conscious and want to know what they are putting into their bodies and where they came from.

They have largely started shifting their choice to predominantly purchase organically produced foods. This is where our restaurant - Culinary Table had been one step ahead. We developed our gardens over the years and have had a niche market for producing local and organically made foods.

We have been promoting health and sustainability since the beginning and pride ourselves on being ahead of the market. The market may have begun supplying organic brands but at Culinary Table we prefer to have our customers see where our ingredients come from.

Our organic farming system isn't just for our vegetables but our meat too. Our animals eat and roam freely.

Sustainability starts on the farm

Our sustainable practices have prioritized the welfare of animals, the environment as well as the health of our customers. We aim to prepare meals with high nutritional value and have only positive health benefits for our consumers. This also results in better quality food and taste. We make it well known to our customers where our ingredients come from and in turn, they feel more comforted.

We have built loyal trusting relationships without customers by this simple strategy of transparency. We have also built a customer base that shares our views on sustainability and the importance of eating organic.

A Win-Win for taste and health

Many people believe eating healthy means eating food with no taste. That is just not true. Choosing to eat food produced under better circumstances can lead you to a healthier lifestyle. The long-term benefits are noticed in how sleep, eating, and energy cycles change.

Research shows that these practices are not only good for the environment but tend to be more nutrient-dense and flavourful. Natural-grown food retains its vitamins and minerals, resulting in healthier-tasting dishes. At Culinary Table we curate monthly menus with seasonal ingredients. Our customers are constantly introduced to new dishes with different organic products.

Supporting Local

We only ever externally source products from our trusted local producers. We believe in uplifting the same communities that uplift us. Our local farmers can supply us with any stock we don't have. Local support helps create jobs and reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance food transportation. 

More About Our Garden and Restaurant

Our team of gardeners has assisted in creating an urban farm that is pesticide and spray-free, yielding a variety of crops to support our kitchen and fresh produce section at the food market.

Our distinctive fresh produce box is available every weekend in the cold room, showcasing a carefully chosen variety of the finest produce.

Visitors are invited to come to our garden and have a chat with our gardeners to gather a carefully selected box of produce to bring back with them. If you come across one of our managers on-site, feel free to ask about our gardening techniques and join us for a coffee.

We think a sustainable kitchen is beneficial for everyone, so we transform all the organic waste from the restaurant and kitchen into compost on-site, which is then utilized in our garden to cultivate tastier food.

We stand strong in our initiatives and being as sustainable as possible. We have a carbon regeneration system. We turn waste products such as cardboard, wood, paper, and dried bones into trace-element-rich carbon. Using carbon generators and add it back to the compost.

We also have an incredible rainwater irrigation system. The large roof of our Lanseria Centre is great for capturing water. This is what allows us to store 102,000 litres of rainwater which we then use to irrigate our kitchen garden

Serving our customers, good healthy food has always been at the top of our list. The best way we could do that is by being organic from the start. Our incredible Chef Daniela works tirelessly to ensure menus are different and exciting every month. Tasting different flavors and textures.

Visit us soon and experience the culture of Culinary Table.

Cianne Jugdhis April 23, 2024
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