Terms and Conditions

Culinary Table: Terms and Conditions


  1. Trading Hours


Culinary Table accepts bookings for the following hours:


Breakfast:      8:00 – 11:30*

Lunch:           12:00 – 15:00


Breakfast:      9:00 – 11:30*

Lunch:           12:00 – 14:00**


*Please note: The final orders for breakfast can be placed at 11:00. If you’ve arrived in the time frame during breakfast and lunch, please feel free to browse the shelves in our deli or visit the Culinary Equipment Company showroom to see the equipment we use in our kitchen and the food we sell in our deli, bakery and butchery!

**Please note that the security gate for Lanseria Centre is closed at 14:30 on weekends. Please ensure your arrival is before this time, as you will be refused entry to the premises thereafter.


  1. Corkage / Plating fees:


Corkage for wine:    R50.00 per bottle


Plating for items brought in:           R200.00 flat rate


  1. Special Orders


As our guest, you are encouraged to utilise our deli, butchery and bakery to create tailor-made items for your special event. Cake orders must be placed 48hours in advance of your visit. Feel free to discuss your needs with Daniela, our executive chef.


  1. Pets


Unfortunately no pets are allowed in the restaurant or any other part of the building. If your pet has accompanied you, please feel free to leave them securely in the garden and our friendly kitchen staff will make sure your pet has a bowl of water while you visit with us.


  1. Bicycles and Cyclists


Cyclists are required to park on the grass or concrete staff parking lots. Please leave your bicycle outside in the garden, lent against the terrace balustrade.

Culinary Table kindly requests cyclists in their cycling gear to utilise our plastic chairs and not the upholstery.


  1. Large group reservations


For groups of 20 people or more, a minimum charge of R165.00 is required with a deposit of R120.00 per person. To secure your booking, please ensure payment of the deposit amount a minimum of one (1) week in advance of your visit, via our DinePlan Portal*.


*Our DinePlan Portal is safe and secure. Please ensure that you access this feature only via the DinePlan portal or links received in e-mails. Unfortunately EFT or credit card payments are not accepted for deposits.