Private Evening Functions & Events

Culinary Table Restaurant can accommodate up to 100 people for any private evening function. Our menu offering can be tailored to your taste and preference, designer exclusively for your event by chef Daniela. Contact us for more information.

Culinary Table Healthy Eating Cleanse Workshop

Healthy Eating Cleanse Workshop
Friday, 1st March 2019

Culinary Table invites you to the Healthy Eating-Cleanse workshop in partnership with certified Health Coach Tarryn Cutts from Wholesome Consulting.

Join us on the 1st of March 2019. The workshop is dedicated to rebuilding and rediscovering yourself by encompassing a healthy diet and learning techniques and exercises to manage all other aspects of your life including relationships, career, habits, and beliefs. Read More

Pasta making, Culinary Table

Become a Master at Pasta Workshop
Thursday, 14th March 2019

Come learn how to make pasta from scratch and Italian sauces with Culinary Table's chef Paolo

Get up-close and experience pasta making from scratch with a hands-on experience and get ready to wow the family and dinner party guests!

Paolo Adamo will share his knowledge of pasta and Italian sauces from all his experience over the years.

After getting to know the ins and outs you will have a better knowledge and understanding of pasta, how to make it, shape it and sauce it, perfect for a home dinner or dinner party. Read More

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Conferencing Facilities

Alongside Culinary Table Restaurant, the conference rooms are easy to access, private and can accommodate groups of up to 50 people. With the restaurant downstairs, various catering options are available with freshly prepared items made in the state-of-the-art kitchen.Various packages are available to suit different conferencing needs. All the necessary equipment is available to facilitate presentations, product launches ... Read More

Food Experience at Culinary Table

Past Events

Join us for a hands-on day in the kitchen with fermentation specialist & potter, Trixi Junge and executive chef Daniela Gutstadt as you learn the ins and outs of fermenting foods!  Read More