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Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt, Coarse 500g

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    This Health Connection salt has been mined from the foothills of the Himalayas, where pure mineral-rich rock salt deposits date back millions of years.

    Himalayan salt is known for its slightly pink colour and its rich flavour, as well as its wonderful versatility. Use it to season foods, add it to your bath to make a detoxing soak, or dissolve a little in water to create a balancing health tonic. Health Connection’s coarse Himalayan salt crystals make ideal bath salts.

    • This salt is unrefined and contains no artificial additives.

    • When taken internally as a sole solution, Himalayan salt alkalises & balances the body’s pH and stimulates the digestive system.

    • Himalayan Salt contains 84 minerals, in the ideal proportions for your body to efficiently absorb them.

    Uses for Himalayan Crystal Salt:

    • Sprinkle on food to add flavour.

    • Add a spoonful to your bath for a powerful cleansing, detoxing soak.

    • Mix 2-3Tbsp with 500ml spring water to make a sole solution. Leave the mixture to sit overnight; then add a few tsp to a glass of filtered water first thing in the morning & drink

    Typical Nutritional Information Per single serving
    Energy 0 kJ
    Protein0 g
    of which sugar
    0 g
    0 g
    Total Fat
    of which saturated
    0 g
    0 g
    Fibre0 g
    Salt575 mg