Going to the Source  



The deli at Culinary Table is your one stop shop for household foods. From spices and sauces to dry foods, household essentials, spreads and imported canned goods. The deli has everything you need. Our ingredients are of such high standards that we also use them in our own restaurant.




Culinary Table’s butchery boasts with high quality free range meats, sourced directly from the farmer, bought whole and processed in-house by our own butcher. To keep in line with our philosophy of creating food from scratch, we frequently visit the farms that we source our meat from, to ensure only the best quality – both in your house and on your plate.

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The raw, unprocessed coffee beans used for Culinary Table’s coffee, is sourced directly from the farmer. Culinary Table imports the beans from Rwanda, roasts it in-house and use the end product in our restaurant. Additionally, commercial companies have the option of buying our AAA grade coffee – branded with their company details for resale.

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Our bakery has a strict rule – NO pre-mixes! We mix our own batches from scratch, using imported Italian flour, which is specifically calibrated for various uses and purposes. All our products are baked using the natural yeast option of sour dough slow fermentation and this assists us to consistently provide high quality baking goods. From rolls, croissants and confectionary goods to a full range of desserts, be sure to visit our bakery and take your pick!

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Kitchen Garden

Culinary Table’s kitchen garden is our pride and joy. Instead of using pesticides that add harmful chemicals to our vegetables and herbs, we make use of companion planting or sacrificial crops to manage pests in a non evasive manner. Our garden is accessible to our customers and limited quantities of fresh herbs, vegetables, blossoms, heirloom varietals and fruit are available for our customers to buy. Just ask Alex, our friendly gardener to assist you in selecting only the best for your meal!

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Private Evening Functions

Our 100-seat restaurant is the perfect venue for your private function - be it a birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary or themed dinner - Culinary Table can customize the menu and entire offering to your taste!

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Our produce and deli products are available for purchase in-store, or via email enquiries for collection.