Know Your Meat | LAMB Workshop

Know Your Meat | LAMB Workshop

Know your meat: Lamb Workshop

Come learn how to butcher a whole lamb into its different cuts as well as the benefits of sous vide cooking method.


Get up-close and personal with our Master Butcher, Arnold and CEO, Werhner Gutstadt as they demonstrate how to properly butcher the carcass of a whole lamb. 

Time: 9am - 2pm
Date: Saturday, 30th March 2019
@Culinarytable in Lanseria

Price: R1000 p/person

Space is limited 
email to reserve your spot!
The morning starts with a brief lecture on our free range whole lamb and the innovative sous-vide cooking method for your meats

We will break the lamb down into different cuts. You will learn the best cooking methods for each cut, and even some sous-vide secrets behind our successful range of pre-cooked lamb ribs and lamb shoulder, for example.

A feast of lamb will be served for lunch!

Attendees will receive products from our butchery range of lambs to take home, as well as a booklet on the sous-vide cooking method. 

Culinary Table Roasted Lamb

You may not plan to butcher a whole lamb yourself, however, this workshop will empower you with the knowledge with respect to where all the cuts come from on the animal. You will have the keys you need to make better buying decisions next time when you buy your meat.  

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