"At Culinary Table, we believe in creating our food from scratch..."

Culinary-Table-VeggieCulinary Table started off in a small section in the middle of the showroom of Culinary Equipment Company, where a collection of kitchen equipment was arranged and installed. This demo kitchen was created to visually simulate a professional kitchen environment and the equipment was used to demonstrate capability and ease of use to potential buyers.

Demonstrations on the equipment were becoming a regular occasion and more often than not, the kitchen produced sliced or diced vegetables and meat. It eventually became the norm to have ingredients stocked in the fridge in the event of a customer wishing to experience capabilities and benefits of the professional kitchen equipment they were interested in purchasing.

So naturally, after having a fully professional kitchen set up and fridges stocked with ingredients for fantastic meals, the suggestion was made to prepare lunch for the staff of Culinary. This created a social gathering that we still honour today, with all staff taking part – from the CEO right through to the cleaners. Eventually, this led to the restaurant, Culinary Table – aptly named after the institutional custom of gathering the staff daily around the table.

The restaurant feels like home, with spacious raw wooden tables, plush chairs and complementary décor.

The Gutstadt family

The Gutstadt family’s passion for good food has seen them travelling around the world to experience different tastes and cultures. Their travels inspired them to make a difference in the food industry in South Africa, and they returned home with new ideas and ways to revolutionize the way South Africans cook and utilise their kitchens. The family’s individual skills combined were used to create the Culinary Group – an encompassing solutions provider for your culinary needs. They feel strongly about family traditions and have extended these into their various businesses. Throughout Culinary Table, menu’s from restaurants around the world are on display – a reminder that a certain set of quality standards can be anticipated from the Culinary Group!

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