Monthly Archives: January 2016

Josper Spanish BBQ night

Culinary Table hosted the Josper Spanish BBQ Night on 11 November 2015 to showcase the versatility of the Josper Charcoal Oven. All meals and food served on the night was prepared using the Josper Model 25 and Josper Model 45 charcoal ovens. International chef Luis Manuel Ezqueta Figueroa teamed up with Culinary Table executive chef…
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Press Release | Marie-Lais Emond

  What we really, really want in a restaurant today is a choice of exceedingly delicious edibles, knowledge of real responsibility before the plating, organic and as locally sourced ingredients as possible, free of additives, with true evidence of integrity from any suppliers. It’s almost impossibly all here. There are many kinds of extraordinarily good…
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Our Extensive Library

Awaken Your Inner Chef. Culinary Table features an extensive cooking library for those aspiring cooks out there. We have thousands of books to choose from and you can read them right here at the restaurant, or buy them to take home. On the shelves you will find everything from Asian dishes to French delicacies and…
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